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You can download the X.bike app for your smartphone on both Apple and Android devices.

Download from the App Store (iOS)
Download from Google Play (Android)
After downloading X.bike, open the app and tap 'Sign Up'. Enter your work email address, password and name. Tap the 'Sign Up button'.

Use your work email address to be connected to the right parking spot and bikes automatically.

Check your email address' inbox for a verification email. Click the link in the email to verify your email address.

Return to the app and tap 'refresh' to continue.
Check your inbox and spam folders. Double check if you used the correct email address or made a typo.
Tap a parking spot marked on the map. Tap 'Reserve a Bike' to make a reservation. The reservation will be valid for 20 minutes.
A virtual parking spot, marked by GPS coordinates. Our app checks your phone's location to see if you are at one of the designated parking spot. Check the map in the app to find a parking spot near you!
Before arriving at the parking spot, check the app for available bikes. Tap 'Reserve a Bike' to claim one of the bikes. One of the bikes will be waiting for you for 20 minutes.
When you arrive at the parking spot, choose a bike you want to use. Locate the number plate with the Bike ID. Tap 'Select a Bike' and enter the Bike ID of the bike you chose. Always enter all four digits.

After entering all four digits the button turns green. Tap 'Unlock & Start Ride' to start your ride.
After riding somewhere, you might want to lock the bike while you temporarily leave it behind. Tap the orange button in the app 'Lock & Pause Ride'. Push down on the orange lever on the lock to lock it.

Always double check if the lock was closed successfully.
When you want to continue your ride, return to your bike and open the app. Tap the green button 'Unlock' to connect to the lock and open it.
If you want to end your ride, return to any of the parking spots marked on the map. When your phone's GPS confirms you arrived at a parking spot, the orange button turns red. Tap 'Lock & End Ride' and push down on the orange lever on the lock.

Confirm in the app if the lock was secured correctly.
No, you can lock the bike anywhere. However, locking the bike outside a parking spot will keep it connected to your account. The ride is paused. To end your ride, you have to return the bike to any parking spot and securely lock the bike.