Smart Business Bike

The modern solution to every mobility challenge.

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Flexible transport to
and from the office

Flexible mobility solution

'The city gets increasingly hard to navigate', 'Parking spaces are hard to come by and very expensive', 'Our office is impossible to reach with public transport'

For many companies in The Netherlands, these are common concerns.

The bike can play a major role in solving these issues. With the Smart Business Bike concept companies can offer their employees a smart and flexible solution for their daily commute.

A smart system

Bikes equipped with digital smart-locks can be used by multiple users. After downloading the app, your employees can unlock your bikes effortlessly.

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Affordable last mile solution

Leasing a Smart Business Bike starts at € 45 a month. Included in this price is a bike, service, software and reporting. Every bikes is fitted with a digital smart lock.

On average three people a day use the smart business bikes at their office. For every user, that is just €15 a month, or € 0,75 a day. A very affordable way to offer a flexible 'last mile' solution.

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Flexible transport

Every Smart Business Bike can be used any time of the day.

Taken care off

Thanks to the app and service contract, you wont have to think about your bikes.

Key management via the app

Users are in charge, so front desk personnel doesn't have to.

Extensive reporting

Periodic reporting for your Smart Business Usage.

Easy to use.

Smart Business Bike is self explanatory.

Sustainable and healthy

Bikes are a sustainable alternative for a healthy life.

De app

Smart Business Bike runs on the app. Your employees use the app to reserve, unlock and lock the bike.


De app is designed specifically for Apple and Android devices, to ensure the best performance.

In-app support

Any questions? Contact us via the in-app chat service.

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Quality bikes

Our bikes exclusively works with high quality bikes from Dutch manufacturers. This way we can maximise the long term performance.

Ontdek de fietsen

Very solid urban bike supplies bikes that last years, thanks to quality parts.


Branding in your company's color and style.

Daily rides

Active users

Parking spots

Kilometers per year